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sábado, 8 de fevereiro de 2014

How to post your article in social media automatically

How to post your Article in Social Media automatically

Add your content in social media gives more traffic with your friends and relatives.
Social media is your free and best traffic for your website if you can reach to them.
There are tons of social site which can drives post to them.
Most of them we use by means of  Bufferapp and Bulkbuffer , and twitter ,Facebook and Linkedin will be the main Social Media.

Follow the steps:
1.       First we make acount on twitter, facebook and linkedin then we proceed to next step

2.       Second step Go to Bufferapp (Click here) login with your Facebook, twitter or Linkedin account
3.       Third step Get connect with Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin Profile
4.       Fourth Step ,In new browser go to Bulkbufffer (Click Here)

5.       Fifth Step, Make the list of your blogs url in excel and upload in Bulkbuffer .
Schedule your buffer in bufferapp

For more Details See the Video

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