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How to remove yahoo homepage from Google chrome

Yahoo home page comes while we download yahoo messenger or other applications
We don’t care while we install our downloaded free application and proceed to install clicking next
We don’t know additional application are installed in our system like wise yahoo homepage search page also installed

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To remove Homepage:
 Go to setting in Google chrome Setting (Right Side of Google chrome)
Select tools
Choose extension
Look for yahoo extension
Unactive the extension and remove from Google chrome
Go to setting and edit the homepage box, adding Google chrome or your choice search engine
Go and edit new page(blank or add search engine url)
You are done


How to fix corrupted Hard drive or USB drive

Is your HDD is not working properly or is corrupted unknowingly, if you want to use the same HDD or Usb drive again.
When you do below method your data will be deleted or Formatted be aware before doing.  If you want to keep your file .   Recover lost Data from Usb and Hard drive  

Open your command prompt ( as Administrator)
 Type Diskpart hit enter
List disk hit enter
Select your disk with command
 Type Select disk 1(or Disk 0 to select your partion)
After selected
Type clean
Hit enter
 Type Create portion primary
Hit enter
Type exit ( exit from Command Prompt)
Go to my computer and select the Hdd or Usb drive
Right click and format it

Right click and click to rename
use it as new HDD or USB drive now..

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Connect and Control your android device via web browser on your computer and Pc

I think you will love this app which allows users to use their android phone functions on their laptop and Pc.

Now there is no necessity of looking   for Usb  Cable and Installing driver
 Airdroid makes this happen now that we can connect our laptop, Pc in within same Wi-Fi Network or internet

For this happen Simply Install AirDroid on your Android Device and enjoy the Rest of the Excellent Features of growing world of Android Platform

After installing AirDroid in your device you can login your Web phone From this Link
Create an account once with your facebook , Google and Twitter account

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Feature of Airdroid  that provides for your Device:

* No need of driver installation between Pc or Your Android  device
* Single simple application runs on mac,window and Linux
* Works in same Wi-Fi network or internet
* Send and receive individual and group Message
* Manages file on  your Android Device and transfer between is your  Computer and Pc) and android device
* Transfer, play and managing videos between android and Computer
 * Sharing and managing photo between android and Computer
 *Sending Url and Open Url from Pc and Android
*Taking and Real time Visualization Screen Shot Of android Device
*Selecting ringtong of Android device and many more Useful Android Feature that Airdroid provides to the Device User


How to Recover lost Data from Usb and External Drive

If your Usb and External drive is show error or It says “you need to format your disk before You can use it” try with changing your usb port to check if it is the problem of Usb port or the USB Or External drive it Self.  If it is Usb Drive  than we will go for these Steps
Step 1:
Than lets go and Use Command Prompt  to check and resolve the problem
Start from Start Menu
Search for Cmd in search box
Right click to CMD
Click to “Run as Administrator”
Type chkdsk  J:  /r  Hit enter(Here J: is My Usb drive in your case Change Respective Drive)
In above case,  chkdsk Space Drive letter(J:) /r (recovers the data or locate bad sector and recovers)
If this not Work Than try next:
Type chkdsk  J: /f (same as above but f is different which removes errors in the disk)


How to use your android Smartphone or Cell Phone as Modem for laptop, computer

Now day’s technology growing frequently, Developers are creating new more leisure and comfortable in each and every field of technology
Like-wise, now we can Use our android Phone as modem, data charge will be pocket data from your data provider
For this you will need:
Android Phone
Data cable of your Phone
Laptop or Computer

How to place your adsense code within the post Left and Right

Login to your Blogger dashboard
Create new post
After finish create
Click html editor
 Copy  and Paste the code where you want to appear in the post

<div style="float:left;padding:5px;">
Ads code here

Note: this code is for floating left, if you want to float right change code <div style="float:Right;padding:5px;"> with and continue with other reaming code


How to Use your Usb Drive as Your Computer Ram and Speed Computer performance

For this we should have Free memory stick at least double memory of your computer’s ram
There is 3 ways to do this:
1. Step:
Insert Usb drive (should be free)
When auto play dialogues appear you will see ready boost

Click to ready boast
Click to ready boost in removable disk (J, G, H something) properties
Enable Dedicate this device to ready Boost or Enable Use this Device and Allocate space to reserve for system Speed bellow.
Click applies and ok
To cancel ready boast select “do not Use this Device”
Click applies and clicks ok


Android Emulator Shortcuts Key

Emulator shortcuts are divided into two parts:


How to make bootable Flash drive or Pen Drive

Making bootable flash drive is easy if you have Window 7 USB/DVD
For this you should have your Image copy of window
 Download the Window 7 USB/DVD Download tool

Direct link for Window 7 bootable USB/DVD

Open your window 7 USB/DVD download tools
Click to browse and look for your window source file Window 7 iso file
Select file and continue with Next
Select USB to make bootable USB or Pen drive
And continue or Begin to Burn
When your file is copied to your USB, Go to root Folder and Double click to Setup.exe
File starts to Install on system..


How to make Restore point in window 7

Click to start menu
Right Click my computer
Click to properties

Click to system protection

Looking for cheapest flight ticket arround the world

If you are traveling abroad, travelling for business purpose, holiday ,meeting  looking for cheapest hotels, trains etc.

Manage your trips with plans, express ways in clear trip
Go to links in desktop Cleartrip

Install in android Phone and Smartphone Google play
Add your origin departing location and arriving location
Add your trip travelling date and returning date, if you are returning.

Select traveler units, class
Click for search
Search will gives result with cheapest on top and higher price below, you can choose what price and time table is suitable for your trip
slect it and go  for booking

Have good and safe trip.  

Looking for extra money to earn Using Mobile Apps

Switch on your android Smartphone
Are sending money to another country, dealing special business, convert your currency with all over world’s currency with this apps on android phone easy
You can also get update frequently of money price increasing and decreasing

Now no need
big salary Personal assistant
Go to Google play and download Currency
Do small setups on setting option, select the country flag and star for favorite
Type unit currency to exchange and select country to exchange
when ever Money price is increase you can exchange  for your pocket expensese 
Get extra paid from your money


Solve Big City Parking Problem within your Palm

Pop-up your android Smartphone


How to Scan QR Code by Smart phone and Using Website

 Read the QR code Attached with mail or MMS with simple two ways
Using Yours Smart phone and Website



How to Generate QR code for your Site, Text Sms and Contact info

Now days most of the website use QR code for their information or while sending mail to some company they send QR code
There are many reason behind Sending QR code in mails like, email looks bunch of Url and Email
Company also choose QR code in Security Purpose
Emails and Website looks Standard with the QR code
Not only Website Url now days People start to share their Contact information, Phone Number and Text message they share with QR code
How to Generate QR code Online? Is easy click this Links to make online..


Get Multi-city weather Forecast in Smartphone

Are travelling new Place and city, no need to much worry about the weather
Now you can plan your Destination place with any pressure

Pop-up your android Smartphone

Measure your heart beat with Smartphone

In these days there are many apps which can help you to say bye bye to doctor like
Heart beat measuring application which leads patience or well person can easily use there Smartphone application to know how well and how ill or how healthy I am.
Smartphone are coming with latest technology and generating more Versatile apps on platform Android
Smartphone are giving more time for doctor and nurses to go with more complicated dieseas something like that.