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quarta-feira, 24 de setembro de 2014

Top 5 level to drive more traffic to your YouTube video

Create appropriate channel name:
Go youtube and create account
log in to your YouTube account( which will create YouTube can directly upload video)
if you want to create specific name create from Setting on the right side of the browser
click to add account and log in with the email that you sign in
Give appropriate channel so that search engine can fine easily what is your content about or other word content related

Uploading high Quality videos:
After the first step comes quality video and channel name related video in which search engine will helps your content easily searched.
Make video with specific content background related, if edit the video keep high quality resolution and high quality sound clarity, which is a part of video that you tuber's will enjoy your video and don't feel irritate and leave the video in the middle of the session.

Adding Descriptions and tags:
Descriptions:After uploading your video you have to add description of the video, which is what content your video describes and what are you getting after particular video watched,
this is the particular place where you can add some of the link of your videos or blog and website URL to drive traffic to your blog and website.

Tags are keywords that search engine will track to search the content that are search by the user, tags are meta-data to the search engine to find out the related or search engine.

See Video for What is Tags

Driving traffic through social media:

social media are best place to drive traffic to your blog and website and also the video from youtube
Click to share button provide in the video or blog
Facebook ,twitter , linkedin and pintrest .
These social media are top media that are providing direct traffic to the blog and site.

Promote post:
promoting your post is maximize your traffic through paying or buying traffic through facebook ,fiver or other resource that we should have to spend for some amout of money for the certain period of time.

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