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sábado, 17 de agosto de 2013

How to be safe in internet browsing

Six ways of safe internet browsing

1.       Use strong and safe password
While choosing your password for any site like google,yahoo,ebay or any other site make the password secure by selecting number and alphabet like: asvb2945-2fg or mix with first row, second row and third row alphabet ,number  plus sign.
So that hacker and your enemies of internet cannot guess and enter your personal site you use.
2.       Read carefully when signing up and agreeing to any anything
Don’t sign up whatever unwanted site that brings mail a lot about the telemarketing which makes your email a junk inbox.  This will make your mail into junk folder.
Read carefully before signup and sign up that sort of site which will not sell your name for their business .only give the information about you if there is important or if there is Sign of *( if the box is marked with *). Keep an eye every step of browsing.

3.       Don’t give your full name and password to un-trusted site.

Don’t give your full name and password to un-trusted site especially in chat room or dealing with business contract if you are abroad or long distance.
Try to check ssl (secure protocol) of the certain visit if you have to deal with person for your safe dealing.

4.       Keep concentration while clicking and browsing your scam mails
Don’t click in the suspicious mail while you checking your mail.
Make sure the mail you clicking safe to browse. If you click in wrong or suspicious mail your computer may get affected with virus and malware. In some cases your computer becomes hanging and shut down.

5.       Use antivirus program on your computer
Always keep the computer run with antivirus if not the virus will attack your computer in a second. Keep the antivirus in active condition don’t off the antivirus while you chatting with your friends.

6.       Make sure to turn off file sharing and network discovery
Turns off your computer file sharing option public wireless or airport, café in public places while you using internet. Make sure while you connecting internet or wireless for the first time in option to choose public,home,work.  if not so your files are  guiding by your friends and the public.

Safe browsing save your Files….

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