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terça-feira, 20 de agosto de 2013

How to fix PC , Slow in start up ?

5 steps how t optimize your Pc
1.    1st step remove your wallpaper from your computer which will  increase startup time.
To do this :
Go to desktop and right click.
Go to “properties”
Click “None”
Then click Apply.
2.    Exit the background program:
Closing programs running in background will hugly speed up your computer to do this:
Right click in task bar
Select the running program you want to close.
Click end task button.
3.    Optimize your computer by Ram pro free

          Install it .
          It will automatically optimize the pc.
4.    Reboot your computer:
Start and press f2 or f10 which will ride to boot menu
Set boot from hard drive
Save and exit

5.    Check your windows updates:
Check your window updates and if available  install and restart to complete the installed updates.
That’s it.
Enjoy browsing .

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