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sexta-feira, 15 de novembro de 2013

How to get traffic from facebook community

How to get traffic from facebook community 

Hi blogger friends:
We try to get more traffic in our blog but is not successful as we think.
Try to earn more revenue from traffic but same what I said before.
I think you are tired of posting and sharing facebook or other social community.
Let’s begin with different way posting on facebook  and earn more revenue?
 If Yes
Start the first session:
1.       Create the account if you don’t have if have already created.
2.       In your facebook search bar or paste this code in browser address bar

3.       Find your related “niche” blogger’s community and send request.

4.       When admin of community approved your request go for next step.
Second steps:

1.   Login your blogging platform BlogSpot, word press or live journal.
2.       Prepare your post add all the keyword tags.

3.       Post your articles and get your post url by copy from address bar from BlogSpot, for word press you can also get from permalinks of post as well from address bar.
4.       Now finally post your articles in approved blogger community group.
5.       You will get tons of trffic in this ways……..

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