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quinta-feira, 10 de outubro de 2013

8 Pinging site to Get traffic to your site

8 Pinging site to Get traffic  to your site


This pinging site gives automatic  backlinks in  1653 .
Pingmyurl will automatically include your site in large number of site which accepts free listing and they are mainly info,who is and about us, website statistic.
One of the good thing in pingmyurl is you can choose where to ping like in social site or blog search and global ping , you can have a choice where to ping your blog url.


Make the free account and enjoy lots of pingler tools like seo link checker, link builder, keyword checker etc.
Your site  can get 25 backlink once you submit the site url.


Ping-o-matic is a service to update different search engine that your blog has updated, that means when you have new post you paste your url link in the blog homepage and Rss url in optional ,blog name in the top box to submit.
This will update the site to different search engine get more traffic.


Another better pinging site ,This pinging site looks like same as pingmyurl but this site give you 1288 backlink when you ping your site url once you finish submitting .


Kule ping Is another pinging site that tells your site to search engines or blog that you just submitted some article or post in on your site.
This site also show your site page content and helps to crawl your page to the search engine. This means your website, review site and blog directory faster than before.
See the right site of the site you can find “Ping your website free” submit the your of your new post on it.


247 pingler is another best site I have found  to ping the url for backlinks. This site has two url box to submit the ur of your site, you can add different url of the site in same url box and also in both box with lots of url of the site. 247pinger gives 7000 backlinks while submiting in 2 url box.
This is little bit time consuming while you add lots of url at once, but works perfectly for the back links.


Another great site for adding more back link to your site is Bulkping. Bulk ping is unique auto mass ping service that will reboost and ReEnergize yoyr Website and blogs .


Another pinging site that most of the search engine ,create backlinks is google ping.
This site give mostly backlinks in google blog search engine and other search engine like yandex  also in yahoo. Great to try , try it.

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