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domingo, 27 de outubro de 2013

How to make your hard drive free in 2 minutes

How to make your hard drive free in 2 minutes

1.    First steps:
# Click to start menu

#  Click to control panel, click system and security .
#  Click on system and click to System protection

 You will see system properties ,  click on configuration.

Inside of configuration  click to delete

 Click to continue


We finish first steps.

  2.  You need have Ccleaner downloaded if not have you can download  from  
Once you download, click the downloaded icon to install.
Open the Cclener by double clicking in Cclener icon
Click in Analyze button to gather the temporay file

After finishing analise click to run the Cleaner

2     Stpes Reduce the capacity memory of Recycle bin
# Right- click recycle bin
Click to properties.
Reduce the custom size of the Recycle bin

Example: from 150 mb to 50 Mb
Click apply and ok
That’s  it.

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