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segunda-feira, 28 de outubro de 2013

How to increase the processor speed 10 x times

How to increase the processor speed 10 x times

Processor is the main functional device while we open or browse the computer or laptop.
We can speed up the process power in several ways . today I will teach  you 3 different ways to optimize the  process speed.
Lets begin

1st step.
Deleting  temporary file which is collected in temp orary folder in your system.
First of all click start
Search For Run
In Run Type %temp% and hit Enter .

When temp Folder opens Select all (ctr +A)

After select , all hit Delete key.
When temp file is not deletable skip it.

Lets begin Second steps.
Steps 2.
Click start menu
In search type system.ini

Hit Enter
Now system open in notepad
There you can see [386Enh]

You change to [30000 Enh]
Save it in my Documents or desktop, 
save with system.ini extension  . 
not in system folder.
3rd Steps:
Click start
In search type”msconfig” Hit Enter

System configuration window pop-up
Click in boot.
Look for advance options. 

Click on advance option.
Go to number of processor click it .
Check for last one that available in system
Click ok
Look for “Time out”

Reduce the time out
Save it
Hit ok.
System will ask for Restart .
That all you have to do .

your computer is  10 time fast now……….
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