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domingo, 20 de julho de 2014

Connect and Control your android device via web browser on your computer and Pc

I think you will love this app which allows users to use their android phone functions on their laptop and Pc.

Now there is no necessity of looking   for Usb  Cable and Installing driver
 Airdroid makes this happen now that we can connect our laptop, Pc in within same Wi-Fi Network or internet

For this happen Simply Install AirDroid on your Android Device and enjoy the Rest of the Excellent Features of growing world of Android Platform

After installing AirDroid in your device you can login your Web phone From this Link
Create an account once with your facebook , Google and Twitter account

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Feature of Airdroid  that provides for your Device:

* No need of driver installation between Pc or Your Android  device
* Single simple application runs on mac,window and Linux
* Works in same Wi-Fi network or internet
* Send and receive individual and group Message
* Manages file on  your Android Device and transfer between is your  Computer and Pc) and android device
* Transfer, play and managing videos between android and Computer
 * Sharing and managing photo between android and Computer
 *Sending Url and Open Url from Pc and Android
*Taking and Real time Visualization Screen Shot Of android Device
*Selecting ringtong of Android device and many more Useful Android Feature that Airdroid provides to the Device User

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