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terça-feira, 22 de julho de 2014

How to fix corrupted Hard drive or USB drive

Is your HDD is not working properly or is corrupted unknowingly, if you want to use the same HDD or Usb drive again.
When you do below method your data will be deleted or Formatted be aware before doing.  If you want to keep your file .   Recover lost Data from Usb and Hard drive  

Open your command prompt ( as Administrator)
 Type Diskpart hit enter
List disk hit enter
Select your disk with command
 Type Select disk 1(or Disk 0 to select your partion)
After selected
Type clean
Hit enter
 Type Create portion primary
Hit enter
Type exit ( exit from Command Prompt)
Go to my computer and select the Hdd or Usb drive
Right click and format it

Right click and click to rename
use it as new HDD or USB drive now..

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