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sexta-feira, 18 de julho de 2014

How to Recover lost Data from Usb and External Drive

If your Usb and External drive is show error or It says “you need to format your disk before You can use it” try with changing your usb port to check if it is the problem of Usb port or the USB Or External drive it Self.  If it is Usb Drive  than we will go for these Steps
Step 1:
Than lets go and Use Command Prompt  to check and resolve the problem
Start from Start Menu
Search for Cmd in search box
Right click to CMD
Click to “Run as Administrator”
Type chkdsk  J:  /r  Hit enter(Here J: is My Usb drive in your case Change Respective Drive)
In above case,  chkdsk Space Drive letter(J:) /r (recovers the data or locate bad sector and recovers)
If this not Work Than try next:
Type chkdsk  J: /f (same as above but f is different which removes errors in the disk)

Steps 2:

If step 1 is not applicable your drive than we move this step
Go and download EaseUs DR click to Download
Install to your system followed with Serial key given with Zip file
Select recover Deleted file
Go select types of file
 Select the drive you want to recover
Click to Recover

After few time Data recovery wizards appear , click  ok
Select your file
Save your file to drive and use it , Recovered file

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