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quinta-feira, 3 de julho de 2014

Measure your heart beat with Smartphone

In these days there are many apps which can help you to say bye bye to doctor like
Heart beat measuring application which leads patience or well person can easily use there Smartphone application to know how well and how ill or how healthy I am.
Smartphone are coming with latest technology and generating more Versatile apps on platform Android
Smartphone are giving more time for doctor and nurses to go with more complicated dieseas something like that.

Heart Beat Measuring Apps can be downloaded from Google play
Download Your Choice of Apps from Google play
How it Works in Smartphone Android platform:
Download apps.
Install in your Smartphone
Open the Application

**I use Quick heart rate Measure, Some apps might differs a bit**
Place your Pointing finger in your front camera or behind camera
Click to start (Measure)
Heat beat start to show count with digit within 10 seconds.
How it count heart beat Rate?
All heart beat measure apps, turn on LED flash and wait for you to cover it and camera lens with your index.
These apps analyze the data relayed by camera
This apps Quick heart rate measure keeps the history of scan, which gives history of highest heart beat rate, Normal rate and lowest rates of heart beat , so whenever you want can search on the apps .

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