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sexta-feira, 4 de julho de 2014

How to Generate QR code for your Site, Text Sms and Contact info

Now days most of the website use QR code for their information or while sending mail to some company they send QR code
There are many reason behind Sending QR code in mails like, email looks bunch of Url and Email
Company also choose QR code in Security Purpose
Emails and Website looks Standard with the QR code
Not only Website Url now days People start to share their Contact information, Phone Number and Text message they share with QR code
How to Generate QR code Online? Is easy click this Links to make online..

To Generate Image (.png) QR code:
Now select text if you want to make QR code of Text
Type your Text and click to share (for embed code)
Click to save to get Image in .png
Click to save in your folder

To Generate Website’s QR code:
Select Url and type your Website or blog Url
Click to save if you want make .png to upload for email
Click share to get code and embed your code to site
Copy your code and add to your Website or blog

To make contact information:

                                                                                    Click to contact
Type all information required follows as above
Same process to continue for SMS and Phone number

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